projecto O homem que queria ser água

António Abernú

Since 2011, the research and artistic creation project The man who wanted to be water, has been promoting an awareness around water ontology and environmental issues.


The project started with the show The man who wanted to be water, created by an invitation of the Library of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, for the celebrations of the International Year of Chemistry, in 2011.


The project has the institutional support of the International Program of Geosciences of the National Commission of UNESCO of Portugal.


Since then, the project grow up, and today it has three theatre texts, two theater performances, a children's story, a digital story - integrated in an international collection - ELC3 - Electronic Literature Collection 3, a Master's thesis in Communication Sciences, the Water Talks Conferences - that led to a publication (paper and digital) and the Vídeo_Theatre.


Since its inception, more than 40 people have collaborated - artists, teachers, scientists and academics, associations, schools, libraries, companies and institutions.

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This video is a recreation for the video language of the theater show: The man who wanted to be water.

The narrator's scenes, in direct speech, as in the show, are merged with the animation @gua_um conto digital, that tells the life of the character Agua.